Why Move to Churchill Borough?

Churchill Borough is a historically premier and well- established residential Pittsburgh East End suburban community. It is recognized for homes and properties that are well maintained, featuring picturesque foliage during each season of the year. The area is accented in a natural woodland setting by gently rolling hills and valleys. It has a reputation of providing outstanding municipal services for the protection, well-being and convenience of its residents.

Please consider these positive reasons to move to Churchill. We truly are a diverse and eclectic community. You will be welcomed here with open arms.


Churchill Borough is small in size Bluesignand population. Your voice will not be diluted. It is not uncommon to run into an administrative staff member, Mayor, or a Council person at the community garden, park, grocery store, golf course, or on the street. You can be assured that any concern will be addressed.


Located atop of one of the highest points in Allegheny County, Churchill Borough is an ideal suburban location. Our proximity to the East End of Pittsburgh and the Monroeville entrance to the Pennsylvania Turnpike is a good reason to live here. We are only minutes away from East End Restaurants, Oakland museums, Shadyside and Squirrel Hill shopping, Frick Park hiking trails, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Chatham University, and UPMC Medical Centers.

GardenLow crime

Churchill residents are safer and more secure than residents in surrounding areas. We employ more police than municipalities of similar size and population density. Our crime statistics are significantly lower than the City of Pittsburgh and other neighboring communities.

Low taxes

Churchill Borough 2015 millage rate of 5.48 is historically significantly lower than the city of Pittsburgh and most municipalities. Churchill has no business privilege tax.


Public Works

During those snowy and icy winter days, City of Pittsburgh residents and residents from surrounding municipalities wish they lived in Churchill.  We do not run out of salt, and our crew is constantly out clearing the roads to make them safe.

Our Schools

Our school district is composite of twelve municipalities.  Historically, public school students that reside in Churchill score well on achievement tests, and are accepted into many prime Universities and Colleges.

Churchill Borough is also centrally located to many private and parochial schools.  Transportation to those schools within a five mile radius is a tax-payer benefit.

Area of opportunity

kidsAn Allegheny County study in 2010 identified Churchill Borough as an area of opportunity.

Affordable Housing

The cost to purchase a home is significantly less expensive compared to neighboring communities such as Point Breeze, Squirrel Hill, or Shadyside. Simply stated, you get a better value for the money spent.



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