Blackridge Civic Association

Founded in 1944, the Blackridge Civic Association seeks to provide community identity for the unique neighborhood of Blackridge, which consists of more than 600 houses in what now includes parts of Wilkinsburg, Churchill and Penn Hills, as well as approximately ten acres of wooded land, a pool, a ball field, and a playground. The Civic Association built its Clubhouse through community support in 1953 and a pool was added in 1972 as an independent subsidiary. The Swim Club offers swim lessons and aquatic fitness programs and is home to the swim team, “Blackridge Barracudas.”

Also in association with the Blackridge Civic Association is the Blackridge Garden Club, one of the oldest Garden Clubs in the greater Pittsburgh area. The Blackridge Garden club conducts many seminars on gardening and horticulture and they maintain the distinctive, beautiful signature flower beds at the corners of Blackridge.

One of the few community associations with a building and grounds, the BCA board coordinates numerous events for community residents throughout the year. They also regularly publish a community newsletter known as “The Blackboard”. Their fundraisers and membership dues help keep the park, clubhouse and newsletter going and also allow them to host 3 free events for members every year: Strawberry Festival, 4th of July Celebration, and Fall Festival. Watch the website for event updates or your local telephone pole for posters announcing these and other exciting events.

Read more about the history of how the BCA organization came about on the Blackridge History page.

Classes for Everyone at the Blackridge

The Blackridge Civic Association, Swim Club and Garden Club provide a wide variety of classes and activities for everyone at every age.

A summary of the courses offer, and the contact information for our classes is listed below:

Please also check our websites for membership, clubhouse rentals and other events


Blackridge Garden Club

Blackridge Swim Club

You can also reach us for questions via phone at 412.241.9569, just leave a name and phone number on the voicemail box and one of our volunteers will return your call.


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