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Mission: “To advise member municipalities and their residents on matters of environmental interest and importance.” 

The Churchill Area Environment Council (CAEC) serves Chalfant, Churchill, Forest Hills and Wilkins, each of which may appoint members as representatives. The Council meets regularly on the 3rd Tuesday of April and October at the Churchill Borough Building, 2300 William Penn Highway at 7:00 PM. The public is welcome.

The CAEC may also meet additionally as “workshop meetings” as needed to discuss regular ongoing duties (e.g. Environmental Award and environmental advisories) throughout the year. Workshop meeting dates will typically be discussed at the prior regular meeting.

The Council sponsored the first recycling center in our area back in 1970, and dedicated volunteers from community service groups ran the center for our small, non-mandated municipalities until early 2013, when Churchill Borough started curb-side recycling service. In the 1980’s the Council worked with and supported efforts at the High School to monitor water quality in area streams.

In honor of the United States Bicentennial celebration in 1976, the Environmental Council produced, and Westinghouse printed, an illustrated, 18 page “Churchill Area Tour Guide” for distribution to residents. It highlights local features of historical and/or environmental interest.

Periodically, the Council develops and distributes advisories and fliers on timely environmental issues affecting our communities. These are available on request from your municipal office and this webpage.

Each year the CAEC, along with its member municipalities (Chalfant, Churchill, Forest Hills, and Wilkins), sponsors a graduation award for a high school senior living in the Woodland Hills School District (WHSD). Applicants for this monetary award must Churchillcomplete a project that makes an active, tangible contribution to environmental conservation, education, legislation, or research - particularly within the school district or the communities it serves. You can access the application here. Entries must be received by March 15th of the student's senior year. Projects may be done during any high school year. All high school seniors living in the WHSD are eligible. No preference is given to residents of any particular municipality in the school district.


  • New advisories "Green Space: the Ever Important Role" (2020) and "Addressing Common Contaminants" (2018) are now available.
  • Environmental Award Available to WHSD High School Seniors – Deadline March 15. A cash graduation award is available each spring from the CAEC and its sponsoring municipalities. Any senior who lives in the Woodland Hills High School area is eligible to apply by the deadline for this award. The application form is short and simple and available here. Applicants must complete an original environmental project during one of their high school years. If you know a high school senior living in the WHSD area, encourage him/her to select and carry out an active project and apply for this award. Suggestions for projects are on the application form, but original ideas are welcome and encouraged.

Churchill Area Environmental Council

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3 Rivers Wet Weather

3 Rivers Wet Weather is a nonprofit environmental organization created in 1998.  It is committed to improving the quality of Allegheny County's water resources by helping communities address the issue of untreated sewage and storm water overflowing into the region's waterways. A wealth of information and resources are available through their website:

Churchill Area Environmental Council Membership List

Chalfant Borough, 412-823-4412
Chad Hoover
Laurie Williams

Churchill Borough, 412-241-7113
Tess Philipps
John Weber
April Kline 

Forest Hills Borough, 412-351-4141
Nancy Bernard
Margaret Reed

Wilkins Township, 412-824-6650
Carol Pan
Heidi Steele

Members may be contacted through their municipal offices.

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