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Help Protect Our Watershed

 To learn about the simple steps you can take to reduce your impact on our watershed, please read the following resources:

Report Illicit MS4 Discharge

Green Stream in Churchill BoroughHave you seen illegal dumping into our storm sewers, waterways and/or pollution discharge to our streams and creeks? Report it to the Borough!

Call: 412-241-7113 or E-mail:

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Sewer Usage Fee

The Borough of Churchill has set a SEWER USAGE FEE of $6.00 PER THOUSAND GALLONS OF WATER. 

Dye Testing

As of June 8, 2004, the Borough of Churchill approved an ordinance that requires owners of property being sold or transferred must comply with the provisions of dye testing.

The dye test must be performed by a Registered Plumber, with the Plumber delivering a certification of dye testing to the Borough. Thereupon a Certificate of Compliance will be issued to the seller or transferor for a fee of $25.00. All costs of the test shall be the responsibility of the property owner.

If the dye test reveals the existence of an illegal storm or surface water connection, no Certificate of Compliance will be issued until the illegal connections are removed and the storm or surface water is discharged in compliance with controlling Ordinances of the Borough of Churchill.

For more information, please contact the Borough Office at 412-241-7113.

Visit our Permits & Applications page to download dye test forms.




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