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Communication Network Subscription Form:

In addition to the Churchill Newsletter, residents may receive additional information from the Churchill Borough Office via a new communication network allowing the Borough Office to disseminate information to residents on a more regular basis. This is a free e-mail service. The Communication network offers two subscription levels:  The First Level is for Emergency and Essential Information Only and the Second Level is for Community Events Information. Please note:  Those who subscribe to the Second Level will also receive all of the information from the First Level as well. Click here to sign up or change your subscription level.


Pigeon Heroes Presentation - presented by Ken Haselrig, Pigeon Farmer & Historian - Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. in the Yagle Community Center.  All ages can attend.

Table & Vine Goes International - Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. at the Istanbul Sofra Restaurant, 7600 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221 hosted by the Churchill Recreation Board.  $36.00/person.  More information to come in the near future.

Churchill Borough Police Department News Alert!

The Churchill Borough Police Department would like to remind all residents to keep their vehicles locked at all times.  Please do not leave items such as cash, computers, wallets, or any other valuables inside vehicles.  If you observe or hear any suspicious activity, please call 911.

Retire Old Glory

Churchill now offers a program for retiring American Flags in a dignified and respectful manner when they are no longer suitable for display.  Visit our Old Glory page for details.  Thanks to the Churchil/Wilkins Rotary Club for sponsoring the flag collection bin now in the lobby of the Churchill Borough Building.

Courtesy Reminders...

It's great to see many home improvement projects are underway in the Borough. Please remember to remove contractor signs from your yard. Borough ordinance prohibits these types of advertising signs. Also, to help keep the borough aesthetically pleasing and as a courtesy to your neighbors, make sure garbage cans are not visible from the street. The cans may be stored at any side or rear yard location properly screened/shielded from adjoining residential properties.

Free Rides for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens (age 65 or over) presenting a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Senior Citizen Identification card (blue for men and yellow for women) or a Medicare card at the time of fare payment, can ride Port Authority service for free at all times.Applications for Pennsylvania Senior Citizen Identification Cards are now available at the Churchill Borough Office.Applications must be completed at the Borough Office (no take home applications), and must be made in person. When applying, the senior whose name will be on the card must present one of the following as proof of age: photo driver's license, birth certificate, armed forces discharge/separation papers, baptismal certificate, PACE ID card, passport/naturalization papers, Pennsylvania ID card, a statement of age from the US Social Security Administration.Applicants should receive their senior citizen transit ID cards at their home address in 1-3 weeks, and cards can be used on most public transit systems in the state of Pennsylvania (check with the transit system if in doubt).Please note: bus schedules for routes servicing Churchill area, the East Busway and the Airport are available at the Churchill Borough Office.


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